10 seeds that have been planted during COVID-19

I was listening to the message I was using to produce the podcast (find it at revtrev.com/radio) What to do when you want to give up. I got to the part about planting seeds in a famine because maybe God will bless them.

I preached What to Do When You Want to Give Up at the start of COVID-19 and thought I should pause and think about what seeds I’ve planted.

If you were to look on my autofocus list that I keep myself up-to-date with, you might be overwhelmed for me.

Trust me, I’m not.

I get invigorated when I see a plan come together. I get motivated to finish the work I’ve been entrusted to do.

But I have learned to take a breath and look at what’s been able to be planted during this time that can easily be considered a drought.

Isaac planted in a drought and God blessed it…he really blessed it. Isaac was able to have 100 fold increase.

All I offer is loaves and fishes that Jesus can choose to bless and multiply how he likes.

But it’s great to celebrate where we’ve come from before we get to where God wants us to be.

Join me as I celebrate what I feel God has prompted me to attempt and empowered me to accomplish.

  1. The Live Light Above the Negativity Challenge- 40 daily emails and tips and tools to fast from negativity at revtrev.com/fast
  2. The interactive e-book Tips to Live LIGHT above the Negativity available at revtrev.com/tipstofast
  3. Carpe Vitae — The Live LIGHT Manifesto 8th edition The printable version is available at revtrev.com/LLM
  4. The Blessings From the Book — 32 days of blessings and prayers — a Live Cast, now available in audio through Live Light Soundwise at revtrev.com/audio
  5. The Live LIGHT Community — a negativity-free zone, realm of encouragement that is a social media site without the ads, politics or biased fact-checks of Facebook — LiveLightCommunity.com
  6. Weekly Messages to help you Live LIGHT available on Soundwise at revtrev.com/audio
  7. RevTrev Radio to help you have peace at all times and in every situation revtrev.com/radio
  8. Live LIGHT Encouragement — the (new) weekly email to encourage you to Live LIGHT revtrev.com/encouragement
  9. Live LIGHT Academy — this is being transferred to a new platform that works better with the app. But you can still access the How to be Happier Course at revtrev.com/happy
  10. The Live LIGHT App — has all these features and more to come. It’s downloadable in iOS and has been submitted to Google Play. Learn more revtrev.com/app

I have so many more features to put into the APP. I have 165 episodes already planned for RevTrev Radio. I have audiobooks and audio devotionals planned for Live LIGHT Soundwise. Live LIGHT Academy…wow, first quarter 2021 look out. It’s course-apaloza on the verge of exploding. Not to mention books and e-books in fiction and non-fiction.

And oh yah, I spoke a series on The Harvest is Plentiful and from that mapped out a new course with the working title “Live LIGHT, Shine Bright — to help you move from regularly feeling guilty and less than you are because you’d rather outsource the Great Commission to being empowered by Holy Spirit to joyfully proclaim the Kingdom, reveal the Kingdom and Obey the King as you go in the day-to-day of your everyday.”

That’s a mouthful. I need to work on that. Everything in it’s time.

I can’t get caught up in the rush. I need times to reflect, times to remember.

Pauses help me remember that it is the stories that I hear about how things I do encourage and bless YOU that blesses me so much.

I get reminded that the only metric I’m interested in is the stories of lives finding peace at all times and in every situation.

You see why I took time to pause and consider and appreciate what’s been done.

Have you paused and considered what God’s been doing in your life? What fruit is Holy Spirit growing? What grace do you find yourself abounding in?

Tell me in the comments and let’s keep this discussion going.

By the way, you can share a video story with me and my connections at revtrev.com/mystory

I forgot… I planted that over this season as well. It’s cool technology. You can do it from the Live LIGHT App.

Carpe Vitae!



I help you to not conform but be transformed so you can have peace at all times and in every situation

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Trevor Lund

I help you to not conform but be transformed so you can have peace at all times and in every situation