4 Questions on doing a Negativity Fast

4 Questions on doing a Negativity Fast

Q. What does it mean to do a negativity fast?

A. You take your every thought, word and action and make them obedient to Christ. You intentionally try to become more and more and more like Jesus. We should always be living this way, but we’ve found sometimes it’s good to kick-start action with an event like a Negativity Fast. Try it during Lent.

Q. What’s the hardest thing about fasting from negativity?

A. I’m continually amazed at the people who opt out saying, “I just can’t stop being negative right now.” The hardest thing is the commitment to rise above your situation, experience and current mess, Holy Spirit empowers us to accomplish every good work prompted by our faith. You can do it!

Q. What’s your best tip for people doing a negativity fast?

A. Do it with someone — a friend, a spouse, a Bible study group. If you don’t have those options, we do have an amazing community of positive people inside LiveLIGHT.ca . I’d invite anyone who is going through a fast to join the group. http://revtrev.link/fast

Q. What’s something I can do to always stay positive?

A. Gratitude is a game-changer — especially when we do it without our whole heart. Keep a gratitude journal and write down 3 things every day that you FEEL grateful for. You need to feel grateful. Do something with your appreciation — write it down or if it’s a person you’re grateful for, tell them why you appreciate them. Do this every day and see the difference in your attitude over the negativity fast.

Bonus Q. Why is it important that people give up negativity?

A. There is so much in the world that drags us down, we need to be sure we’re bringing light and life to everywhere in our everyday world where we can have a positive impact. It matters. Little simple gestures change lives daily. Our choice is to make sure those gestures are positive, not negative.


Lord, I ask for everyone who knows they need to give up negativity and grow positivity to have the courage to trust you and know you’ll finish the good work in them.

Next Step

Sign up for the Live LIGHT Negativity Fast today for free at http://revtrev.link/fast and get 46 Daily Reflections and 46 daily Devotionals, a weekly Conversation Cafe, Quick Connect AND you get a life-giving community so that you can move from toxic negativity to life-giving positivity.



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Trevor Lund


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