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This heart reflection helps you align your whole heart to whatever you do. A reflection is the truth of scripture that’s personalized with a question to help you think about how to apply it. Get the full lesson at http://revtrev.link/heart. #LiveLIGHT #reflection #Peace #Hope

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You were created to walk with God in the garden in the cool of the day. Sin came into the world and you bore the consequences. Jesus came and reversed the curse and took your place and invited you to take his yoke that is easy and his burden that is light. You are a child of God creation longs to be revealed. You are a living LIGHT. Don’t conform but be transformed, so you can have peace, and joy and hope at all times in every situation. Get ALL the Courses and ALL the Resources and the Full Live LIGHT Community on Live LIGHT Academy for one low price — Learn more http://revtrev.link/pathway

heart reflection

Whatever I do I work at with my whole heart Reflection

Whatever I do I work at with my whole heart, working as unto the Lord not people. I don’t make it a performance for anyone but Him. He knows my heart and motivation and is the only one who can judge me rightly.

I don’t call attention to myself, I’m not on a stage. But I don’t hide my light under a basket either. People see my good works and glorify my Father in Heaven. I don’t make a name for myself, I seek to glorify Him.

I decide today to be honest in all I do. I decide today to speak words of grace. I decide today to give thanks in all circumstances. I decide today to do all that I do in love. I am led by compassion and will not turn off my compassion for others. I keep my word even when it hurts.

I grow in my skill set. I give my best and get better with experience and practice. I work with excellence because I work for my Father who loves me. I focus on the work I have been given. People know they can count on me. I work enthusiastically.

I feel the peace that’s mine as I trust in Him and know He takes care of me, provides for me and fights for me. He overwhelms me with more blessing that I can ever imagine so that I am taken care of in every way and have more than enough to share.

Reflection Question

Am I doing what I do with my whole heart?

Can I pray?

Lord, I thank you that you help us to shine bright so others see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. Thank you for helping us align our whole heart with your heart. You send rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Help us to be like our Father in heaven and show your love to the world that desperately needs it. Amen.

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I help you to not conform but be transformed so you can have peace at all times and in every situation

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Trevor Lund

I help you to not conform but be transformed so you can have peace at all times and in every situation