How to fast from negativity and enjoy it


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Thoughts on How to Fast from Negativity

I haven’t really laid out the “How to” of a fast from negativity. It’s because that’s something that really up to you. When we do one together over Lent, I set more of the boundaries. But when your doing it or organizing your own group to do one, these tips will help.

4 Tips To Fast from Negativity

  1. Pick a season- 40, 52, 3 sets of 21 (Caroline Leaf)
  2. Increase the positive (Steve Backlund- Negativity Fast and Positivity Feast) — sign up for daily email, join Live LIGHT friends, start a Bible Reading plan, listen to worship music on your commute or when you exercise, think about the good, true, right…
  3. Decrease the negative. Limit news cycle. Watch what you watch on TV, don’t show up to every argument wristbands snap
  4. Do it with others. Spouse. Family. Co workers. Church. Live LIGHT friends tool — how to approach a family member to fast from negativity with you?)


Lord, I pray that everyone who chooses to fast from negativity will be blessed and be a blessing. I pray as they refresh others they themselves will be refreshed. I ask for a special grace to sense you more and know you better. I pray they’d trust you more and more and always have your peace. Amen

Next Step

Sign up for the Live LIGHT Above the Negativity Challenge today at and get 40 daily emails to help you Live LIGHT Above the Negativity and bring your thoughts, words and actions into more agreement with the will of God expressed in the Bible.



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Trevor Lund

Trevor Lund

I help you to not conform but be transformed so you can have peace at all times and in every situation