Negativity Fast Reflection — Day 7 — I Take Up My Position

Trevor Lund
2 min readFeb 21, 2024

Today’s Negativity Fast Reflection. Learn or be reminded of your role and God’s role in your daily dance with the Divine as you fast from negativity.

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negativity Fast Reflection

As we navigate the intricate dance between our human existence and the divine, it’s essential to understand our role and God’s role in this cosmic performance. By taking up our rightful place in the dance of life, we can attune ourselves to the rhythm of the divine, allowing us to experience a deeper connection with the Creator of the universes.

By fasting from negativity, we have an opportunity to release ourselves from self-imposed limitations and negative thought patterns that inhibit our spiritual growth. This practice invites us to step into our power, allowing us to align with God’s plan for us. Join us on this exploration of fully embrace our role and surrender to God’s guiding hand in our daily dance with the divine.

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I take up my position, stand firm and see the deliverance that comes from the Lord. I humble myself under his mighty hand and He lifts me up. I pray fervently until the situation changes or I am the one who changes. I know He goes before me and behind me and is within me. This battle is not mine, it’s the Lord’s.

When was the last time I prayed until the situation or I changed?

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