Negativity Fast Tips — How to enjoy your negativity fast

Trevor Lund
6 min readFeb 12, 2024

Today’s Negativity Fast Tip. Transform your perspective on negativity fasts — uncover tips to not just endure, but truly enjoy the liberating process!

Trevor Lund has helped over 10,000 people fast from negativity since 2006. Check out all the tips and tools to fast from negativity Join the negativity fast at and find out how to Live LIGHT Above the Negativity

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The verse is how Eugene Peterson transliterates Galatians 4:25–5:1. He says, “Since this is the life we have chosen, the life of the spirit, let’s make sure we don’t hold it as an idea in our head or a sentiment in our heart, but work out its implications into every area of our lives. That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another one was worse. We have far more interesting things to do. Each of us is an original. Live creatively, friends.”

So we’ve talked about all these different tips on how to overcome negative thoughts, how to overcome negative situations, how to stop the worry, how to do all of these different things. And yes, they are tips because it’s just not as easy as me quoting step one, two, three. It does take effort and really what it needs community.

Grab a couple friends and do a fast together. Grab your Bible study group and do a fast together. Get a few people at work, your coworkers. Oh, yeah, let’s do a negativity fast. I mean, I know intense situations for some of you with that, but how do you do that? Let me give you my four tips for how to do that. And of course, the acronym is FAST, okay?

How to FAST from negativity

And so FAST, you need to figure out how you’re going to do it. You’re going to A, accentuate the positive. You’re going to S, scrub out the negative. And T, you’re going to trust others enough to do it together.

F — Figure out how you’ll fast from negativity

So can we take some time and just explore what I mean when I say those things? So figure out how you’re going to do it. We’re doing it together over lent, and everyone who has signed up, that is awesome. My socks are blessed off. I am praying for you already because I don’t know how you’re doing and what you’re going through. And others, I hear your stories, and yeah, I know. I’ve been there myself. I know how difficult it is, but I can tell you it is worth it.

A — Accentuate the positive

Take some time and intentionally accentuate the positive and scrub out the negative. That it’s a course now on LiveLight Academy. Every other time I’ve done it, it’s been emails that I’ve sent out. And every time somebody has said, “Oh, I missed day 15,” or “I’d like to print that, I accidentally deleted it. Can you send me that one specifically, or can you do that?” And once you have access to the course, you have it for life.

And so that means if you want to go back and print off a page, you can go back and print off a page. If you wanted, before Christmas, you want to take some friends through a negativity fast, you can use that material, get them to sign up and you can go through it. It’s easier. It is easier for me. It is easier for you.

Why I like doing it over Lent is that it does prepare for Easter. Because it’s a course, you can leave your comments after each devotional. And if something stood out to you, if something blessed you, if something was important, and you can write something down to encourage the next person to come along, it’s awesome.

S — Scrub the Negative

Please do that. To figure out how to do it, you need to figure out a season to do it. You don’t have to use the material, right? If you accentuate the positive and scrub the negative and do it with others, that’s a negativity fast. You don’t need the stuff that I’ve written up or created. You can do this on your own and God bless you, go for it.

T — Trust others enough to do it together

Then the other thing is to figure out how to do it is How are you going to do it together? Because whenever there’s more than one person doing something, you need to figure out logistics. Is it coffee once a week? Is it a Facebook group? Is it a group chat? Is it a weekly Zoom? Whatever is going to work for you.

Commit to it and see through it. So figure out the season and then figure out how it’s going to work for everyone involved. That’s the F, figure out how it’s going to work.

The A is you need to accentuate the positive.

How I can help accentuate the positive

So how do you do that? What I give you in the course is you get 46 daily reflections. Every day, a reflection gets emailed to you with a link to the devotional that is online in Maybe you want to do a Bible reading plan, which you’re spending intentional time with God and his word.

You got the gratitude journal. I’m giving you a gratitude journal. You can go and print that off and then use the gratitude eternal and have that intentionality. Gratitude is a game changer for us.

We want to do something during this season that you’re going to fast. You’re going to do something to think of the good, think of the true, think of the right, think of the lovely. Listen to worship music on your commute or when you exercise. Do something different than what you would normally do to accentuate the positive.

It might become part of your regular rhythm. It should become part of your regular rhythm. But for this season, do something to accentuate the positive. Make it a goal to laugh every day.

What will you do to scrub out the negative?

Figure out how you do it. Accentuate the positive and scrub out the negative.

Limit what you’re watching on the news. There are apps to get the headlines instead of watching the 24-hour news cycle. What are you watching on TV? What are you filling it up yourself with? It’s garbage in, garbage out.

If you are filling yourself up with stuff that makes you worry, stuff that makes you fearful, stuff that makes you anything, then who you are in Christ, get rid of it. “I’m giving up TV for lent. I’m giving up social media for lent.” Whatever. Do something to scrub out the negative.

You figure out what to do. You accentuate the positive. You scrub out the negative. And then again, finally, you trust others to do it together.

How will you do a negativity fast with others?

I’ve been doing this for years, and I’ll tell you the best stories always come from people who say, “In my group, we discussed this, and guess what happened?” And I know that’s difficult to do. I don’t know where you’re at in the world.

Whatever is going to work for you and everyone in your group. What I give is just material. It’s open hands. It’s like this is what I have available, and use it however Holy spirit wants you to use it.

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