Negativity Fast Tips — What to do and not do on a Negativity Fast

Trevor Lund
3 min readFeb 13, 2024

Today’s Negativity Fast Tip. Understand what it means to be on negativity fasts — uncover tips to not just endure, but truly enjoy the life-giving process!

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What is a negativity fast?

A negativity fast helps you take every negative thought, word, action and emotion and make it obedient to Christ.

What you do on a negativity fast


  • …replace negative thoughts words and actions with God’s thoughts, words, and actions. You do this with your whole heart — your decision, your actions and your emotions.
  • …fill your thoughts with God’s thoughts for you. You meditate on His promises and His testimony instead of ruminating on your problems.
  • …chose to give thanks always with your whole heart. You decide to give thanks. You feel gratitude and you show appreciation for what you feel gratitude for.
  • …abstain — as far as it depends on you — from negativity in your everyday world, recognizing your only control what goes in and comes out of you, with Holy Spirit’s help.

What you don’t do on a negativity fast

Don’t keep everything the same in your every day life. Draw close to God. You’re seeking Him. So congratulations you’re going to find Him

You remember that Holy Spirit empowers you accomplish every good work prompted by faith. It’s His power that enables transformation in your life.

What to expect

Even though you’ll be given every chance to choose negativity and even though you may find yourself more negative than ever at the start of negativity fast, change does happen when you stick with it. Synapses get rewired in our mind. Gratitude does its transformative work. Holy Spirit finishes more of the good work He’s started in us. And we feel more like we’re walking in the garden in the cool of the day with our Creator.

Choose to fast from negativity today!

Next Steps

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